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Organic Farming Community Pesticide Farmer's Movement

System of Rice Intensification
20min./ Laos 2008
Produced by: Japan International Volunteer Center(JVC)
Language: Lao / Subtitle: English, Japanese by IFOF

shortage prevails in the villages of Laos for almost half a year. JVC is working to increase rice yield through improvement of rice culture technique called SRI which introduces a single young nursery planting system. It is aimed to remove heavy burden of expansive chemicals from farmers by turning them to organic farming.

Organic Farming Community Environment Pesticide Farmer's Movement

Seven Farmers in Laos
42min./ Laos 2008
Directed by: Tondam Pongbichet
Produced by:
Sustainable Agriculture & Environment Development Association(SAEDA),
Lao Extension for Agriculture Project
Language: Lao / Subtitle: Japanese by IFOF
Seven Farmers in Laos

river runs into Laos and to the vicinity of capital city, carrying agro-chemical contaminated water from Thai and in the north from China. SAEDA, a NGO under the leadership of Tondam, is promoting organic farming without such chemical fertilizers or pesticides. The film shows farmers effort to revitalize traditional wisdom in the midst of rapid development.

Anti-Global Seed Genetic modification Farmer's Movement

Rice; The Life of Asia
52min./ Malaysia 2007
Produced by: Pesticide Action Network Asia and Pacific(PAN)
Language: English / Subtitle: Japanese by IFOF

film depicts, through rice related festivals and ceremonies, how deep rice is rooted in the lives of people of Thai, Philippines, Indonesia, India and Bangladesh in their daily living, history, culture and environment. In the last half of the film, it shows how multinational corporations and governments are posing threat to people and small farmers in these countries by introducing high yield variety of rice that ravages farmlands, and the fights of farmers against such threat.

Farmer's Movement Environment

- A Man Who Fought the Crime of Nation
98min./ Japan 2006
Directed and Written by: IKEDA Hiroo
Planned by TANAKA Shozo Heritage Association
Produced by : TANAKA Shozo Documentary Production Committee
Language: Japanese / Subtitle: Not Available

civilization destroys no mountain, river, village nor men" said TANAKA Shozo who fought for the peasants impoverished by damage from polluted water and rain as the upstream Ashio copper mine discharged pollution into the Watarase river which supplied irrigation water to downstream paddies. Japan then was driving to become rich and strong with least regards to lives of people. TANAKA Shozo led movement to stop operation of the mine and save those suffering and risked his life by making direct appeal to the Meiji emperor. This documentary is based on the record of his life and testimonies.

Organic Farming Teikei Farmer's Movement Anti-Global

The Land We Live - Farmers of Sanrizuka
38min./ Japan 2003
Director: KUSUYAMA Tadayuki
Camera/Edit: NAGAKURA Tokuo
Production: Asia Dispatch
Language: Japanese / Subtitle: Not Available
The Land We Live

two years have passed since Government arbitrarily declared to build airport in Sanrizuka Narita. People still live on lands designated as airport zone farming with compost piles and processing factory of farm products. Above their roof, over 100 airplanes fly by everyday. Farmers' struggle to retain farm land continues. The roar of jet planes and the peaceful world of farming. The film shows beautiful farming scenes and conveys feelings of people live in the area.

Fairtrade Peace Anti-Global Farmer's Movement

Olive tree
24min./ France 2007
Camera, Director: Eve Dusman
Produced by Solarium A.S.B.L
Language: French / Subtitle: Japanese by IFOF
Olive tree

livelihood is becoming increasingly difficult as the Israeli occupation continues with the wall and embargo, Palestinian families harvest their olive which is a symbol and a testimony of their existence. This film introduces Palestinian Agriculture Reconstruction Committee, a NGO that supports Palestinian farmers with its oil press factory of the organic olive and distribute their product to France and Japan thru fare trade.

Organic Farming Teikei Pesticide Farmer's Movement Community

Farmers of Life
100min./ Japan 2006
Plan and Production: Sakura Motion Picture
Producer: MURAYAMA Hideyo
Directed & Edited by HARAMURA Masaki
Language: Japanese / Subtitle: Not Available
Farmers of Life

In 1973
in Takahata town in Yamagata Pref., 38 young farmers who were not in agreement with modern agricultural practices formed "Takahata Organic Agriculture Association" and started farming organically. They were looked upon as odd guys sometimes with contempt by surrounding community and in many cases even by their own family members, for their way meant returning to hard labour of the past. They were cornered and nearly ostracized by their farming community over dispute of aerial application of pesticide. And what supported them to pursue their cause and saved them was the consumers in cities who were in terms of "know each other by face" with farmers. There will be panel discussion with Takahata farmers after the show.

Seed Anti-Global Farmer's Movement

Patent Pending
30min./ India 1994
Director: Meera Dewan
Technical Supervisor: Vandana Shiva
Produced by South View Production
Language: English, dubbed Japanese
Narration: English
Japanese dubbed Version: Pacific Asia Resource Centre(PARC)

Property Right is granted to seeds and nurseries and one must pay Patent fee to corporations. The neem known and used in India for centuries as medicinal plant is now patented by an American who started to sell as pesticide. The film depicts female farmers who stood against it to protect their seed, food and life. 性たちの姿を描く。

Organic Farming Anti-Global Pesticide Farmer's Movement

Orange Alert
28min./ Thailand 2005
Director: Teena Amrit Gill
Language: English, Japanese subtitle
Japanese subtitle by EARTH VISION Organization

harmful to human health had been used in orchards in northern Thailand. The farmers took a stand to oppose the government's policy of encouraging pesticide use by growing pesticide-free produce.

Organic Farming Anti-Global Pesticide Farmer's Movement

No more Dead Season
34min./ Philippine 2006
Director: Boyette Rimban
Language: English, Japanese subtitle
Japanese subtitle by EARTH VISION Organization

The people
of Negros Island in the Philippines were at the mercy of world economy when they were growing sugarcane. Today, the farmers are independent and work in harmony with nature growing organic bananas with the help of international support such as fair trade.