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  • The Soil [Subtitle by IFOF]
    45min. / Korea 2008 / English・Japanese subtitle
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The Soil
Director : Lee, Eui-ho
Produce : Korean Educational Broadcasting System
Language: Korean / Subtitle : Japanese by IFOF

All the living on earth, as well as human being, are deeply connected with soil: clothing is coloured by soil; walls of houses are made with soil. The nests of sparrows and honey bees, and even the "houses" of bacteria are made of soil. This Korean film observes the wonderful drama under the ground through lens of cameras, and visualise the world of micro organisms. It shows that the fertile soil is produced by the activities of micro organisms.

Natural Farming Microbe

Living Soil
41min./ Japan 1982
Planned by Natural Farming Research Center, MOA Production
Produced by Sakura Motion Picture
Language: Japanese / Subtitle: Not Available
Living Soil

of food and agriculture have direct impact on our health. The film gives scientific picture of "Living Soil" that produces healthy crops at farm managed by Kazuo Suka, a natural farmer who has succeeded in building such living soil. This is a priceless report of possibility of natural farming in contrast to modern agriculture system that is based on industrial view point. It also documents problems of modern agriculture and lessons learnt from them.

Natural Farming

To Live on Earth
- FUKUOKA Masanobu visits India
59min./ Japan 1997 / Japanese
Director: IMAIZUMI Koji
Language: Japanese / Subtitle: Not Available
To Live on Earth

A documentary
video of Fukuoka's visit to India in 1997. No till continuous rice-wheat production and clay seed ball are explained for beginners.

Natural Farming

Natural Farming
- The World of KAWAGUCHI Yosikazu
153min./ Japan 1997
Director: KOIZUMI Shukichi
Produced by Group Gendai Films and Fiona
Language: Japanese

The World
of Natural Farming which is sustainable without inflicting harm, non-polluting, destroying or killing. He says "All you need is provided by nature in perfect balance and its first step is No Till."