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Anti-Global Seed Pesticide Biotechnology

Seeds of Plenty, Seeds of Sorrow
52min. / India / 1992
Director : Manjira Datta
Produced : Media Workshop/TVE/BBC
Language: English / Subtitle : Japanese by IFOF
Seeds Of Plenty

The so called "Green Revolution" that saved famine stricken developing nations like India, is believed to be one of the most successful development strategies in the 20th century. This film depicts dark side of the Green Revolution looking back its 25 year history and questions who benefitted most. The miraculous increase of yield at the beginning of the Green Revolution in India declined while increasing the use of chemicals and pesticide poisoning. It also created a new serfdom. The miracle wheat variety had lived only for a short period of time.

Seed Genetic modification Biotechnology Anti-Global

Percy Schmeiser - David gegen Monsanto
65min. / Germany 2009 / English・Japanese subtitle
Director : Bertram Farehert
Produce : Denkmar Film

The rape seed fields of Canadian farmer Percy Schmeiser was contaminated by GM seeds that have been blown in from track loads passing through his field. He lost seeds that he saved for 50 years and was sued by Monsanto, the GM seed developer, for infringement of their patent. The local court ruled that he pay compensation for damages. Monsanto kept an eye on him and his family to give them mental stresses. He and his wife did not succumb to their harassment and brought the case to the supreme court of Canada. There were some US farmers too who fought against Monsanto. What is it that Monsanto is after? What is it that kept farmers fighting against Goliath? And what was the verdict of the supreme court?

Organic Farming Seed Pesticide

Seed saver
26min. / Japan 2009 / Japanese
Director : SAITO Reiko
Produce : Nagasaki Broadcasting Company
Seed saver

Farmers who save seeds are rare in Japan. Mr. IWASAKI Masatoshi who lives in Unzen Nagasaki-shi saves over 80 varieties of seeds each year. After graduating agricultural high school, he started to work in his father's farm that used pesticides as any farmer would do in the area. When he was 30, however, he suddenly fell with his whole body become numb. The cause was unknown but he had an inkling that it was the pesticides. While he walked around in the woods for rehabilitation, he found and awe-inspired by how trees and miscellaneous lives co-existed, and how weeds drop their seeds securing next generation. "I wish to duplicate this in my farm" and his farming started afresh. The film depicts his one year activities in his farm.

Anti-Global Seed Genetic modification Farmer's Movement

Rice; The Life of Asia
52min./ Malaysia 2007
Produced by: Pesticide Action Network Asia and Pacific(PAN)
Language: English / Subtitle: Japanese by IFOF

film depicts, through rice related festivals and ceremonies, how deep rice is rooted in the lives of people of Thai, Philippines, Indonesia, India and Bangladesh in their daily living, history, culture and environment. In the last half of the film, it shows how multinational corporations and governments are posing threat to people and small farmers in these countries by introducing high yield variety of rice that ravages farmlands, and the fights of farmers against such threat.

Genetic modification Seed Anti-Global

The Future of Food
90min./ USA 2004
Director: Deborah Koons Garcia
Produced by Lily Film
Language: English, dubbed Japanese
Japanese dubbed version by JAPAN ORGANIC AGRICULTURE ASSOCIATION, Science Div. 2006
The Future of Food

system is exposed to unprecedented change with few realizing its impact. Corporate control of world food from farm to dining table is steadily growing. The most controversial issue is the genetic engineering which could jeopardize all creatures on earth and its environment. We must ask ourselves how regulations, agriculture , consumers, health, morality should be. There is growing interest in alternative ways such as small scale family farm and organic agriculture.

Seed Anti-Global Farmer's Movement

Patent Pending
30min./ India 1994
Director: Meera Dewan
Technical Supervisor: Vandana Shiva
Produced by South View Production
Language: English, dubbed Japanese
Narration: English
Japanese dubbed Version: Pacific Asia Resource Centre(PARC)

Property Right is granted to seeds and nurseries and one must pay Patent fee to corporations. The neem known and used in India for centuries as medicinal plant is now patented by an American who started to sell as pesticide. The film depicts female farmers who stood against it to protect their seed, food and life. 性たちの姿を描く。