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  • Olive tree [Subtitle by IFOF]
    24min./ France 2007 / French, Japanese subtitle
Environment Peace

Water of Life for Afghan
 - A challenge of 26th years of Peshawar-Kai
56min. / Japan 2009 / Japanese
Plan : Peshawar-Kai
Produce : Nihon Denpa News Co.,Ltd.
Language: Japanese / Subtitle: Not Available

inaugulated in 1984 with Tetsu Nakamura MD as field director in Peshawar, Pakistan as medicaid organization. With the belief that most of the diseases are preventable and curable if there were water and food, they began digging wells which culminated to be over 1500 wells as well as building water canals for irrigation of total length reaching to 24km as a measure against draught. These projects created 600,000 jobs, reinstated over 100,000 farmers and revived 3000ha of farm field in the area where villagers had no other choices than to become refugees or mercenaries of military cliques or the US forces.

Fairtrade Peace Anti-Global Farmer's Movement

Olive tree
24min./ France 2007
Camera, Director: Eve Dusman
Produced by Solarium A.S.B.L
Language: French / Subtitle: Japanese by IFOF
Olive tree

livelihood is becoming increasingly difficult as the Israeli occupation continues with the wall and embargo, Palestinian families harvest their olive which is a symbol and a testimony of their existence. This film introduces Palestinian Agriculture Reconstruction Committee, a NGO that supports Palestinian farmers with its oil press factory of the organic olive and distribute their product to France and Japan thru fare trade.