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  • The Soil [Subtitle by IFOF]
    45min. / Korea 2008 / English・Japanese subtitle
  • Dirt! The Movie [Subtitle by IFOF]
    84min. / USA 2009 / English・Japanese subtitle
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The Soil
Director : Lee, Eui-ho
Produce : Korean Educational Broadcasting System
Language: Korean / Subtitle : Japanese by IFOF

All the living on earth, as well as human being, are deeply connected with soil: clothing is coloured by soil; walls of houses are made with soil. The nests of sparrows and honey bees, and even the "houses" of bacteria are made of soil. This Korean film observes the wonderful drama under the ground through lens of cameras, and visualise the world of micro organisms. It shows that the fertile soil is produced by the activities of micro organisms.

Organic Farming Community Environment Microbe

Dirt! The Movie
Director : Bill Benenson, Gene Rosow
Production : Common Ground Media
Language : English / Subtitle : Japanese by IFOF

William B. Rogan says that recent disasters, such as flood, drought, climate change, and even the war, result from human being's failure to treat the dirt. This films shows that politics, economics, agriculture, environment, ecology, health, education, and arts are all closely related with the dirt. We will be unable to deal with the disasters without understanding the interrelationship.

Natural Farming Microbe

Living Soil
41min./ Japan 1982
Planned by Natural Farming Research Center, MOA Production
Produced by Sakura Motion Picture
Language: Japanese / Subtitle: Not Available
Living Soil

of food and agriculture have direct impact on our health. The film gives scientific picture of "Living Soil" that produces healthy crops at farm managed by Kazuo Suka, a natural farmer who has succeeded in building such living soil. This is a priceless report of possibility of natural farming in contrast to modern agriculture system that is based on industrial view point. It also documents problems of modern agriculture and lessons learnt from them.


Healthy Soil
- The impact of chemical overuse
46min./ Korea 2001
Produced by: KBS(Korean Broadcasting System)
Director:Pak Jon Yon
Language: Korean / Subtitle: Japanese by IFOF
Healthy Soil

soil is suffering. Modern agriculture puts heavy dose of chemical fertilizer into soil and extensive damage is apparent in many ways. Unable to stand the excessive chemical nutrition, roses wither, rice stalks bend, peppers become festered by disease and roots rot. Soil hardened by accumulated salts. Micro-organisms disabled to function. This film shows Korean farmers tackling this devastation to restore healthy functions of their soil.


From the World of Soil
32min./ Japan 1992
Planned: International Natural Farming Research and Development Centre
Produced: MOA production, Sakura Motion Picture
Editor: YOSIMOTO Tomotaka
Advisor: KIJIMA Toshio(Tochigi Agriculture Research Centre, FUJIWARA Toshirokuro(Kanagawa Horticulture Center), ARIE Chikara(Rikagaku Research Laboratory)
Language: Japanese / Subtitle: Not Available
From the World of Soil

nurtures plants which is the source of organic matter and is apparently the source of all life. The film shows us the making of rich soil by looking at how forest soil becomes rich where leaves fall to the surface of the grond and eaten up by insects and bacteria turning into soil. The world of soil is explored with electron microscope and low speed pictures.


The World of Roots
25min./ Japan 1981
Director; ARAI Issaku
Produced by Maruta Citrus Farmers Co-op.
Language: Japanese

is the first ever visual film made of soil microbes. Millions and millions of micro-creatures found in tiny little bit of soil. It shows a wondrous chain of life of plants, minute insects and microbes. The film ask "What is it that humans are trying to kill" with the scene of crop dusting.