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Severn, The voice of our children
Director : Jean-Paul Jaud
Language : French / English / Japanese / Subtitle : Japanese

"Stop the destruction of the earth if you do not know the way to repair it!". Seven Suzuki, who was 12 years old, made an appeal at the Earth Summit in 1992. 19 years later, she is now going to be a mother, and maintains that we should change our lifestyle in order to save the future of our children. This film gives warning to us, who give higher priority to economic growth than the lives of future generations. It focuses on several local people living in Japan and France who are concerned about the crisis of the planet.

Organic Farming Community Environment Living Nuke

Director : HANABUSA Aya
Produce : Polepole Times Co., Ltd.
Language : Japanese

Iwaishima of Yamaguchi Prefecture is a small island located in the western part of Japan. The community of this island has been continuously supported by rich gifts from the sea for centuries. The construction plan of a nuclear power plant in the place 4 km away from the island has been a big challenge to the community since it was uncovered in 1982. People living in the island started their struggle against this plan by saying, "Our lives have been sustained by the sea and mountains. We cannot sell the source of our lives!". This film shows that these local people keep their traditional way of living considering the wellbeing of future generations.

Community Environment Farmer's Movement Living Nuke

Buddha Weeps in Jadugoda
Director : Shriprakash
Language : English / Subtitle : Japanese
Buddha Weeps in Jadugoda

This film describes indigenous people in Jadugoda located in the eastern part of India which is allegedly the place of Buddha's birth. The indigenous people suffered from radioactive contamination coming from uranium mines, and stood up against it. They acted for the right for their healthy lives. This film was first shown in 1999. People who watched it and were shocked by it sought to found the "Fund for the Sorrow of Buddha", and made the shelter for children who were badly affected by the mines. (the film was awarded the 8th Earth-Vision Prize.)

Organic Farming Community Environment Farmer's Movement Nuke

Yet We Sow
Direction : KOIKE Natsumi
Production : IFOF
Language : Japanese
Yet We Sow, Flag of Mushiro

Organic farming does not work without the cyclical function of nature. It also does not work without the mutual relationship between producers, consumers, and the community. The Fukushima nuclear disaster caused by the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) this year violently destroyed the relationship, which had supported organic farming before. This film produced by the IFOF organizing group focuses on people who suffer from the nuclear disaster, but still do not give up sowing seeds. It shows how people who face great difficulties seek to recover the relationship, which is essential for organic farming.

Genetic modification Environment Pesticide

Farmer to Farmer : The Truth About GM Crops
Prezented & Narrated : Michael Hart
Edited : Pete Speller
Production : A hart Production Film
Language : English / Subtitle : Japanese by IFOF
Farmer to Farmer

Michel Hart is a farmer doing organic farming in England. He objected to GMOs when they were introduced in the market in 1996. Ten years later, he visited American farmers, and found out serious problems caused by GM plants which farmers are nowadays facing in the field. In this film, he reports negative effects of GM plants on non-GM plants and weeds, as well as on the environment and agricultural economies.

Organic Farming Community Environment Microbe

Dirt! The Movie
Director : Bill Benenson, Gene Rosow
Production : Common Ground Media
Language : English / Subtitle : Japanese by IFOF

William B. Rogan says that recent disasters, such as flood, drought, climate change, and even the war, result from human being's failure to treat the dirt. This films shows that politics, economics, agriculture, environment, ecology, health, education, and arts are all closely related with the dirt. We will be unable to deal with the disasters without understanding the interrelationship.

Genetic modification Anti-Global Environment Biotechnology

Life Running Out Of Control
Director : Bertram Verhaag
Production : DENKmal-Films
Language : English / Subtitle : Japanese
Life Running Out Of Control

Scientists have attempted to alter the genes of animals, plants, and even human being since genetic engineering was developed in the middle of the 1980s and thereafter. Giant transnational corporations (TNCs) seek to utilize, patent, and commercialise every kind of genes on earth. Citizens who are concerned about genetic engineering act against the patent system, in which the monopoly of seeds and lives is legitimatised on the plea of intellectual property rights.

Environment Pesticide

The Message from Honey Bees
Director : IWASAKI Katutoshi
Language : Japanese
The Message from Honey Bees

Last several years many Japanese beekeepers lost a large number of their bees. They realise that the death of their bees was caused by the use of new insecticide called "neonicotinoid". A number of investigation and research maintain that this insecticide has destructive effects on agricultural products including fruits, as well as honey bees. The recent survey also warns that this pesticide would damage the development of people's brain in their early years.

Environment Peace

Water of Life for Afghan
 - A challenge of 26th years of Peshawar-Kai
56min. / Japan 2009 / Japanese
Plan : Peshawar-Kai
Produce : Nihon Denpa News Co.,Ltd.
Language: Japanese / Subtitle: Not Available

inaugulated in 1984 with Tetsu Nakamura MD as field director in Peshawar, Pakistan as medicaid organization. With the belief that most of the diseases are preventable and curable if there were water and food, they began digging wells which culminated to be over 1500 wells as well as building water canals for irrigation of total length reaching to 24km as a measure against draught. These projects created 600,000 jobs, reinstated over 100,000 farmers and revived 3000ha of farm field in the area where villagers had no other choices than to become refugees or mercenaries of military cliques or the US forces.

Pesticide Environment Community

Big River
27min. / USA / 2009
Director : Curt Ellis
Producer : Curt Ellis, Aaron Woolf
Language: English / Subtitle : Japanese by IFOF
Big River

A serial of Peace Boy Award winning "King Corn", a film that depicted miscellaneous food and feed problems involved in corn business. In this serial, the film pursues other aspects of corn business, the effects and influences of pesticides and chemical fertilizers used in the corn fields. The film will ask what it means to use pesticides, where they go and what they do eventually. These two young men question modern agriculture and agri-business for what they leave behind as byproducts.

Environment Organic Farming Community Living

Sea, Forest and Our Lives
35min. / Japan 2010 / Japanese
Director : SUZUKI Toshiaki
Produce : Pacific Asia Resource Center
Sea, Forest and Our Lives

Recently, in the name of modern development, human actions have been destroying increasingly large swathes of the natural system on which we depend for food production and the continuation of life itself. The video features interviews with people who defy this trend by continuing to live in harmony with nature often against overwhelming forces. By listening directly to their experiences, we gain a valuable opportunity to learn more about the connections between humans and nature as well as between the workings of nature and ourselves.

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The secret of weed
45min. / Korea / 2008
Director : Lee, Eui-ho
Produce : Korean Educational Broadcasting System
Language: English / Subtitle : Japanese by IFOF

The weeds generally considered as useless nuisance are proved and shown to be enriching soil in this film. Weeds are worth just to be there growing. They come up in the Spring even though they look withered and dead the previous year. These are the some of the wonderful and mystic scenes as well as pollination and travelling of seeds. Weeds grow in the fields where crops fail to grow, and they can take up heavy metals and cleanse the soil recovering ecological system.

Environment Pesticide Community Living

Amanatsu of Minamata
55min. / Japan 1984 / Japanese
Director : KOIKE Masato
Produce : Seirin-sha

The Minamata disease deprived fishermen of their sea. Those fishermen, who lost their sea began growing Amanatu citrus with the determination that "victims as we are shall never be the victimizer", had reduced the use of pesticides from regular 18 times as instructed by JA to 3 times a year. Natural life returned and soil revived. A surprise came that some sprayed herbicides. Discussions ensued for several months in agony. They reached at a conclusion that they will not follow suit of Chisso who never disclosed anything, and that they will make everything open, thus they decided to accommodate the violators.

環境 Living

All are gifts of the Nature,
  Weather-Mama of Western Aizu
50min./ Japan 2008
Produced by NHK
Director: USAGAWA Takashi
Language: Japanese / Subtitle: Not Available

sowing season begins when rum buds are bulging" or "rain is not near when swallow flies high" are some of the phrases reminiscent of old days spoken by Ms Fumiko Suzuki known as a weather-Mama. She has been studying and practicing in her farm what her grandfather used to say about weather. Years of her keen interest and observation on plants and other creatures in the vicinity that is rich with nature in Nishi-Aizu in Fukushima prefecture has now made it possible for her to foretell the weather of as far ahead as a year away with 70-80% accuracy. She is full of love when she appears to be talking with animals and plants.

Organic Farming Community Environment Pesticide Farmer's Movement

Seven Farmers in Laos
42min./ Laos 2008
Directed by: Tondam Pongbichet
Produced by:
Sustainable Agriculture & Environment Development Association(SAEDA),
Lao Extension for Agriculture Project
Language: Lao / Subtitle: Japanese by IFOF
Seven Farmers in Laos

river runs into Laos and to the vicinity of capital city, carrying agro-chemical contaminated water from Thai and in the north from China. SAEDA, a NGO under the leadership of Tondam, is promoting organic farming without such chemical fertilizers or pesticides. The film shows farmers effort to revitalize traditional wisdom in the midst of rapid development.

Farmer's Movement Environment

- A Man Who Fought the Crime of Nation
98min./ Japan 2006
Directed and Written by: IKEDA Hiroo
Planned by TANAKA Shozo Heritage Association
Produced by : TANAKA Shozo Documentary Production Committee
Language: Japanese / Subtitle: Not Available

civilization destroys no mountain, river, village nor men" said TANAKA Shozo who fought for the peasants impoverished by damage from polluted water and rain as the upstream Ashio copper mine discharged pollution into the Watarase river which supplied irrigation water to downstream paddies. Japan then was driving to become rich and strong with least regards to lives of people. TANAKA Shozo led movement to stop operation of the mine and save those suffering and risked his life by making direct appeal to the Meiji emperor. This documentary is based on the record of his life and testimonies.

Environment Pesticide CSA

Uncle Stone's Lotus Field
24min./ Taiwan 2005
Director:Wang Ching-Ling, Chu Shiaw-Chyuan
Language: English , Japanese subtitle
Japanese subtitle by EARTH VISION Organization

Stone ,living in the outskirt of Taipei, would not give up using pesticide for his lotus plants. Zoologists are out on a rescue mission to save the pond's rare frog species from extinction.