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  • King Corn
    90min./ USA/2007 / English・Japanese subtitle
IFOF 2008
Genetic modification Biotechnology

Scientist Under Attack
Director : Bertram Verhaag
Production : DENKmal-Films
Language : English / Subtitle : Japanese by IFOF

There are two distinguished scientists whose career as scientists has been totally destroyed. Because they questioned the safety of GMOs through their research, these scientists became targeted for attack by the biotechnology industries. Among research on GMOs, only 5% is independent from those bio-technological industries. This film shows that the freedom of scientific research and the democracy of our society are now in peril!

Genetic modification Anti-Global Environment Biotechnology

Life Running Out Of Control
Director : Bertram Verhaag
Production : DENKmal-Films
Language : English / Subtitle : Japanese
Life Running Out Of Control

Scientists have attempted to alter the genes of animals, plants, and even human being since genetic engineering was developed in the middle of the 1980s and thereafter. Giant transnational corporations (TNCs) seek to utilize, patent, and commercialise every kind of genes on earth. Citizens who are concerned about genetic engineering act against the patent system, in which the monopoly of seeds and lives is legitimatised on the plea of intellectual property rights.

Anti-Global Seed Pesticide Biotechnology

Seeds of Plenty, Seeds of Sorrow
52min. / India / 1992
Director : Manjira Datta
Produced : Media Workshop/TVE/BBC
Language: English / Subtitle : Japanese by IFOF
Seeds Of Plenty

The so called "Green Revolution" that saved famine stricken developing nations like India, is believed to be one of the most successful development strategies in the 20th century. This film depicts dark side of the Green Revolution looking back its 25 year history and questions who benefitted most. The miraculous increase of yield at the beginning of the Green Revolution in India declined while increasing the use of chemicals and pesticide poisoning. It also created a new serfdom. The miracle wheat variety had lived only for a short period of time.

Seed Genetic modification Biotechnology Anti-Global

Percy Schmeiser - David gegen Monsanto
65min. / Germany 2009 / English・Japanese subtitle
Director : Bertram Farehert
Produce : Denkmar Film

The rape seed fields of Canadian farmer Percy Schmeiser was contaminated by GM seeds that have been blown in from track loads passing through his field. He lost seeds that he saved for 50 years and was sued by Monsanto, the GM seed developer, for infringement of their patent. The local court ruled that he pay compensation for damages. Monsanto kept an eye on him and his family to give them mental stresses. He and his wife did not succumb to their harassment and brought the case to the supreme court of Canada. There were some US farmers too who fought against Monsanto. What is it that Monsanto is after? What is it that kept farmers fighting against Goliath? And what was the verdict of the supreme court?

Genetic modification Anti-Global Biotechnology

King Corn
90min./ USA 2007
Director and Producer Aaron Woolf
Cast & Co-producer; Ian Cheney, Curt Ellis
Language: English / Subtitles: Japanese

food is derived from corn…. Americans are made of corn. Two young men close on corn that is in almost all foods Americans eat. Their first move was to take up hands on experience of producing corn in a great corn producing state of Iowa and then to follow on its course to consumer plates. Through corn, the film reveals such issues Americans face today as monoculture, a large scale agriculture, a large scale animal industry, obesity and bio-ethanol.

Anti-Global Biotechnology

Bio-fuel Energy from cropland
31min./ Japan 2007
Produced by: Pacific Asia Resources Centre (PARC)
Edited by: AMAGASA Keisuke
Language: Japanese / Subtitle: Not Available

is being boosted as "environmentally sound" alternative energy. Its raw material is mostly from such crops as corn, sugarcane, palm, rapeseed resulting in increase of food price, expansion of plantation and giving heavy burden to the environment with its high dose of pesticide and GMO. The film documents the impact of bio-fuel and looks at ways to realize sustainable society thru recycling.