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Organic Farming CSA Community

Beyond Organic
The Vision of Fairview Garden
33min./ USA / 2000
Directed by John Graaf
Produced by Center for Urban Agriculture
Language: English / Subtitle : Japanese by IFOF
Beyond Organic

A documentary
film of a young farmer in California Michael Ableman who struggled to keep his farm while a wave of urbanization brought new settlers all around the farm. Even though Ableman managed to calm down complaints and pressure from new neighbors to quit farming for the annoying smell of compost and cock crow by turning his farm into a hands-on learning center of real food for urban people, the land owner was in the process to sell the farmland to a housing developer. The farm was on the verge of closure when CSA members came to rescue and raised enough fund to keep the farm going as Non Profit Organization. This film shows possibilities of urban agriculture.

Organic Farming Teikei CSA

Ozaki-San of Frandon Farm School
73min./ Japan 2006
Produced by Film production Committee
Collaborated by: Osaka Organic Agriculture Association, YMCA International High school
Language: Japanese / Subtitle: Not Available
Ozaki -San of Frandon Farm School

A documentary
of an organic farmer of 30 years who advocate to be subsistent on a 30a(0.7 acre) farm. He grows and delivers vegetables to consumers with watchword of "life, material cycling and harmony." He built his own house with log and gives lectures every now and then. He directed and played a musical featuring MIYAZAWA Kenji's 'A pig at Flandon Farm School' with youths. The film depicts his light hearted way of living.

CSA Organic Farming Community

The Real Dirt on Farmer John
84min./ USA 2005
Director; Tagart Siegel
Produced by Collective Eye
Language: English , Japanese subtitle
Farmer Jhon

John's biographical story. John is a typical hippie generation who turns his inherited farm into agricultural commune but is a bam for local people. But he knew instinctively the taste of soil. His unyielding farmer spirit, invigorated by Community Supported Agriculture overcomes heart breaks and gives hope to family farmers eroded by corporate farming.

Environment Pesticide CSA

Uncle Stone's Lotus Field
24min./ Taiwan 2005
Director:Wang Ching-Ling, Chu Shiaw-Chyuan
Language: English , Japanese subtitle
Japanese subtitle by EARTH VISION Organization

Stone ,living in the outskirt of Taipei, would not give up using pesticide for his lotus plants. Zoologists are out on a rescue mission to save the pond's rare frog species from extinction.